Abby’s 6 Month Session

I put out a few images as a teaser for this session a few weeks ago.  Then I got super slammed and I am happy to say I have circled back to this session and finished it!  I may be biased because Lisa is one of my longest and dearest friends, but her and her daughter are one of the most beautiful duos I have ever photographed!  I wish Abby’s dad Stefan could have joined us, but he will be there at the next one!  At the rate babies grow and change it’s important to do multiple photo sessions during the first year.  I’m happy Lisa and Stefan will have these beautiful photos to flip through and share with Abby when she gets older.  In 10 years when this blog doesn’t exist, the 4″ x 6″ prints I ordered for them will still be around, in the image box I designed for Abby when she was born.  Awe, the power of the printed photograph!  Now everyone run out and print your 10 favorite images you took with your phone in the last month, because who knows what’s going to happen with technology and all the photos on our phones.  OK, end of my public service announcement! 🙂  And a huge Thank You to my wonderful, kind, sweet friend Lisa for sharing her little miss sunshine with me (Lisa, remember we loved that movie!!??  Little Miss Sunshine!)  Love you Lisa!!!! xoxo, Emma

Side 01-01 Side 02-02 Side 03-03 Side 04-04 Side 05-05 Side 06-06 Side 07-07 Side 08-08 Side 09-09 Side 10-10 Side 11-11 Side 12-12 Side 13-13 Side 14-14 Side 15-15 Side 16-16 Side 17-17 Side 18-18 Side 19-19 Side 20-20 Side 21-21 Side 22-22