Brittany + Danny Wedding

When you’ve been in the wedding industry for 10 years you get to know the other players involved.  Years ago I stepped inside Celestial Selections wedding dress shop and made a partnership (and friendship) with Brittany and Teresa.  Most people know Teresa, she’s the fabulous owner, and Brittany is (in my mind) the head honcho on the sales floor.  Any way, these ladies are rock stars at helping brides find their dream gown.  Their expertise in the field is rivaled by few and they’re just super awesome people.  Brittany asked me lots of questions about my family’s home (where we have weddings) and in 2017 she decided that our space was right for her own wedding!  WOW!  Brittany from Celestial Selections wanted to have her wedding at my family’s home!  What an honor!  Brittany’s husband, Danny, had a connection to my dad through classic cars so he felt comfortable at the Bel Air.  Brittany, Danny, their sons, their family and about 300 of their closest friends gathered on a Friday afternoon to celebrate.  Check out the images to see Brittany’s gorgeous gown from

If you scroll down far enough you’ll recognize the staff from Celestial Selections! All of Brittany’s co workers came to celebrate with her!  Also check out Danny’s Corvette, and Brittany and Danny’s guest’s hot rods.

Guests stopped in the formal garden to sign an old pickup truck hood then headed into the ceremony area.  After the ceremony everyone made their way to one of the front fields for food and refreshments.  The bride’s family had assembled a wooden frame to string lights and greenery on.  Under the wooden structure the couple danced their first dance, and all the little flower girls and kiddos looked on at the father daughter dance and mother son dance.  Everyone partied until dark then said their congrats one more time and drove their hot rods home.   Thank you Brittany and Danny for choosing the Bel Air!  That was a day we’ll never forget!

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