Mikaela + Kevin = Wedding

Working with a dream team of wedding vendors ALWAYS creates a memorable and enjoyable wedding day!  We’ve all heard wedding horror stories, lost tux pants, lost marriage certificate, lost rings (gosh, it’s easy to lose things on wedding day!)  Mikaela and Kevin’s wedding did encounter a hiccup.  Just before their Sept. 15, 2017 wedding, hurricane Irma hit Florida, and as a result wiped out the order of flowers Mikaela had placed for her wedding.  Mikaela sent me a message on Monday, the week of the wedding, and mentioned to me the problem they had with the flowers.   I reached out on a wedding vendors Facebook page I belong to and asked if any florists could help.  The help flooded in (oops, no hurricane Irma pun intended)!  I had Mikaela in touch with a florist within one day!  Thank you Susie Griffin for saving the show!  Everyone in that Facebook group was so helpful, passing along names and contact info.  It made me realize what it meant to work with true professionals, who are not only passionate about what they do, but are so unbelievably caring and devoted to their clients!  At Mikaela and Kevin’s wedding I met another professional who clearly is crushing it at the hair and make up game.  Lacey Moen-Rubleski and her team from http://earthlybeautybar.com/index.html   were so much fun to work with.  And they convinced me that Lip Sense is worth it!!!  The bride and bridesmaids wore dramatic red lipstick, and it looked just as phenomenal 10 hours after it had been applied!  I am over the moon happy for this Disney, Seahawk, dog loving couple!  Haha Check out the details in the shoes, sand ceremony and dessert table.   I caught up with Mikaela recently and her and Kevin are enjoying married life together.  Six months down, forever to go.   Cheers!  xoxo, Emma  

Venue:  http://cannonsedge.com/

Florist:  https://www.facebook.com/SusanMarieFloralDesign/

Caterer:  http://www.catered4you.com/

Hair and Make Up:  http://earthlybeautybar.com/index.html

Wedding Dress:  http://marcellasbridal.com/

Tux Rental:  https://www.menswearhouse.com/

Cake:  https://www.sweetfrostingsbakeshop.com/

DJ: Palouse Events, Brandon Schreiner,  djshnoze@hotmail.com

Rings:  https://jewelrydesigncenter.com/

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